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Version 4.0 Beta (Mar 5, 2020)

- IPC-7351 standard pattern type:

      pattern is generated automatically by IPC-7351 generator integrated into Pattern editor

      3D model is generated on the fly in Pattern Editor and PCB Layout

- New IPC-7351 libraries.

- UI has been optimized for 4k monitors.

- RoundRect and D-shape pads.

- Pad shape can be shifted from pad hole center.

- Rotating pads to any angle without changing to polygon.

- Rotating component to any angle without changing it.

- Pad terminals.

- Segmented paste mask, solder mask by paste mask.

- Solder mask and paste mask of pads are visible in the design area and can be printed.

- Fiducial object in PCB and pattern editor.

- Pattern Editor has a layer panel similar to PCB layout.

- Both Pattern Editor and PCB Layout layer panels have configurable layer order and visibility.

- Courtyard layer, DRC does not allow courtyard region to be overlayed (touch is allowed).

- Component outline layer (3D model can be built by component outline).

- Configurable Silk to Pad clearance in DRC.

- Remove silk from pads/holes/mask wizard in Pattern Editor.

- Place outline wizard in Pattern Editor.

- Similar pad numbers are allowed (in this case pads are connected together inside pattern, @ symbol before or after number allows to avoid warning).

- Two types of internal component connections are possible:

      one of pads should be connected or internal connection can be used as jumper for the net.

      all pads should be connected.

- 3 ways to build and edit arcs (3 points, center-radius-angles, start-end-radius).

- Any set of shapes can be converted to board outline (you can place arcs, lines, poly-lines as you wish, connect their ends and convert all to board outline).

- Updated properties dialogs for all shapes (now can be edited by dimensions).

- Obround shapes instead of ellipses in all programs.

- Snap to other objects key points when building/editing shapes, board and copper pour.

- Multi-line text.

- Text and pictures can be rotated to any angle.

- Pictures are now vectorized and saved together with a design file.

- It is possible to cut text or picture/logo at the copper pour.

- Anchor point + Left-Center-Right, Top-Center-Bottom alignment is used for text, markings, pictures and while editing shapes.

- Cut right corner of the shapes option.

- New Component marking system in Schematic and PCB Layout:

      any number of markings can be displayed (display property is available for each field, including additional).

      free angle and alignment

      separate marking settings for assembly layer in PCB

      custom marking font by the component

      text with parameter property placed in pattern/component editor is counted as pattern marking (PCB/Schematic do not add additional text).

      font settings can be applied to markings placed in Component/Pattern Editor

      move tool (F10) allows to move/rotate any text object inside component directly in Schematic/PCB.

- Pattern origin is shown as cross + circle (options) and can be displayed by layers.

- 3 ways of building 3D model of the pattern (by file, by component outline and by IPC-7351 standard).

- Filter can be stopped on any search stage, results are displayed in real-time while searching components.

- Component properties dialog is redesigned to allow display and edit all additional fields at once.

- Name description, unique name and manufacturer fields have been added to the pattern.

- Free resizing of all library/component list and additional fields in Component/Pattern Editors.

- Pattern shape precision has been improved, recounting pattern shapes by borders when you change the number of pads/dimensions in Pattern Editor.

- Pad to copper pour thermals are rotated to pad/component angle.

- Selecting object and opening its submenu from design manager in Schematic and PCB (right click on the item in design manager).

- Groups in Component and Pattern Editors, similar to Schematic and PCB.

- Measure tool in Schematic and Component Editor.

- Properties dialog windows may change locked objects after confirmation.

- Updating PCB from Schematic keeps locked components, non-existent in Schematic (option).

- Export all Gerber and Drill files into zip archive with a single click.


Versione 3.3.1 (29 nov 2018)

- Zoom di Annulla/Ripeti – aggiunta opzione, correzione della funzione zoom principale.

- Sbroglio con opzione tastierino numerico (NumLock dev’essere attivo).

- Opzione aggancio a griglia – adesso è possibile disabilitare l’aggancio lasciando la griglia visibile.

- La barra di stato ora mostra modo di funzionamento, vista (normale/speculare) ed aggancio griglia.

- Correzione di vari bug - vedere i dettagli (in inglese).


Versione 3.3 (22 ott 2018)

- Migliorato lo sbroglio manuale:

      Opzione “segue regole di progetto” (non consente violazioni).

      Riprogettazione modalità routing.

      Segmenti ortogonali.

      Opzione per correggere un singolo segmento.

      Anteprima della via alla fine di un segmento sbrogliato.

- Precisione configurabile per tutti i valori, precisione della griglia configurabile.

- Riprogettazione sistema Annulla/Ripeti in Schematic e PCB Layout.

- Migliorata funzione Nascondi/Mostra collegamento in Schematic.

- Interfaccia: tutte le Combo Box sono ora liste DropDown.

- Suggerimenti dettagliati in PCB Layout e Pattern Editor (mostra dimensioni di piazzole/via/fori).

- Importazione schemi e PCB di KiCAD.

- Importazione librerie di simboli e pattern da KiCAD.

- Esportazione in Eagle Schematic XML e PCB XML.

- Esportazione di librerie Eagle XML.

- Miglioramento di varie funzionalità esistenti.


Versione 3.2 (26 ottobre 2017)

- Controllo DRC dell’isolamento tra elementi di una stessa net (da pista a pista, da SMD a piazzola, da SMD a via, da SMD a SMD).

- Migliorate modalità di evidenziare e selezionare oggetti in PCB Layout (le piste e tutti gli altri oggetti sotto un footprint sono ora evidenziati in modalità default).

- Messa a punto degli strumenti per bilanciamento lunghezze e meandri.

- I valori comuni di allargamento del solder resist e restringimento della maschera pasta sono ora salvati nel progetto.

- Possibilità di scegliere “sempre aperto/saldato” nelle impostazioni utente di maschera/pasta per piazzole e via.

- Aggiunti comandi Ruota gruppo e Specchia gruppo in Component Editor e Pattern Editor.

- Aggiunta di nuovi campi nel file Pick and Place, possibilità di dividere i campi con tabulazioni nei file BOM e Pick and Place.


Version 3.1 (May 29, 2017)

- Length matching rules.

- Real-time length comparison table.

- Layer stackup table.

- Using layer stackup and pad signal delay for trace length and differential pair phase calculation.

- Meander tool for any trace, easy resizing and moving of meanders.

- Improved phase tune tool.

- Align objects.

- Switching measurement units with a shortcut in any dialog box (Shift+U by default).

- Hotkeys for selecting sheets in Schematic and for the measuring tool in the Pattern Editor.

- Moving all selected trace segments simultaneously (bus editing).

- Permanent net highlight option.

- Altium ASCII import (Schematic, PCB, libraries).

- Eagle XML import (Schematic, PCB, libraries).

- ODB++ output - version 8.1 added.

- 11,813 new components and 345 new patterns.

- 1,726 new 3D models.


Version 3.0 (March 10, 2016)

- Differential pairs: 

      Define differential pair and its rules;

      Automatic or manual defining of paired pads;

      Paired routing and editing of differential pair;

      Single-track differential pair routing and editing;

      Phase tune tool (place custom / regular size meanders);

      Real-time control of phase and length tolerance;

      Differential pair manager;

      Support of differential pairs for external autorouters, recognition of paired traces.

- Custom user-defined keyboard shortcuts for tools and dialogs.

- ODB++ (version 7.0) manufacturing output.

- Gerber X2 manufacturing output.

- DRC rule details (easy editing of routing constraints).

- Tree view of 3D models in All Models list, sorted by categories (folders).

- Overall speed and memory optimization for large designs.

- Optimized UI fonts.

- 8143 new components.

- 5694 new STEP models for 3D.


Version 2.4 (June 20, 2014)

- Redesigned UI.

- New library management system:

      Library Groups; 

      Standard and user libraries are separated to different groups, standard libraries can not be changed by user;

      Project libraries and design cache;

      Cross-module Library Manager;

      Dynamic update of library groups, group content, active library / component between programs; 

      Library groups and libraries are visible in all dialog boxes where libraries are used (Library Setup - no more add / delete buttons and separate lists);

      Filter feature with customizable number of parameters (search by current library, group or all libraries).

- Unicode support in all program objects, files and UI elements.

- STEP export of PCB 3D model.

- STEP and IGES import of package 3D models.

- IPC-D-356A Netlist Export.

- BSDL Pinlist Import in Component Editor.

- Updated import dialogs of third-party schematics and net-lists, remembering of attached patterns.

- Printing multipage schematic as single document.

- Updated Title Block Editor, "Attached Pattern" tool, editing of polygonal pads.

- Redesigned Properties panel (on design area) for Component and Pattern editors.

- Zooming / Panning with mouse wheel in all print / import / export panels with preview feature.

- Update all Copper Pours and algorithm optimizations (approx 3x-5x speed-up).

- Correct side changing for groups in PCB Layout.


Version 2.3.1 (March 20, 2013)

- Importing Schematics from EDIF (OrCAD).
- Long-line cross cursor (X key). Polished existing features of 2.3.


Version 2.3 (October 19, 2012)

- Real-Time DRC - dynamically checks design rules while you add objects, route traces or edit anything in the layout. Static DRC was improved and optimized.
- 3D VRML 2.0 Export allows to export solid body of the board with models to external mechanical CAD.
- Custom Non-Signal layers.
- Arranging PCB components by hierarchical blocks. Copying routing/placement between similar hierarchical blocks directly on the board.
- Different modes of showing/hiding ratlines for copper pours depending on pouring areas and traces.
- Pour priority for copper pours in one layer.
- "Place Ratline" mode, no more ratlines in "default" and "edit traces" modes.
- Hot key ("~") "Manual Route".
- Configuring and saving file names for Gerber export by layers (user-defined name and extension for each layer).
- Exporting dimensions to Gerber and DXF.
- Superimposing without connection pins/wires verification in Schematic ERC.
- Saving connections without wires while copying/pasting parts in Schematic.
- Moving objects between sheets in Schematic.
- Rearranging sheets in Schematic.
- Automatic remembering of initial folders by file type in various "open/save" dialog boxes (for all DipTrace modules).
- Blocking file while editing it. Overwriting by second/network appearance is now prohibited.
- Windows 8 compatibility.
- Ordering engine has been added (see "File/Order PCB" in main menu).
- Automatic online check for new versions and DipTrace news&updates.
- Library update: 8000+ new components, euro symbols and new patterns.

Version 2.2 (September 7, 2011)
- 3D Preview in PCB Layout (*.wrl and *.3ds models  support).
- 2580 3D models in *.wrl format (separate download).
- Redesigned pattern and component libraries (full conformity).
- Strict Via Styles (changing via style changes all vias of the style).
- Net Classes (with extended rules). Class-to-Class rules.
- Improved DRC (more rules, separate rules by layers and net-class, class-to-class rules).
Show errors by layers or all at once. Show current value of clearance/size and necessary value of the parameter.
- All necessary dialog boxes and menus are redesigned to use net classes and via styles.
- Main menu redesigned ("Layers" item has been removed, sub-items moved to Layers panel and Route menu).
- Inserting layers, moving layers up/down the stack.
Layers panel has been improved ("Add layer", "Layer Setup" and "Display mode" sub-menu; set current layer with a double click)
Layer Setup dialog box improved ("Insert Layer", "Move Layer Up", "Move Layer Down").
- Improved manual routing:
3 standard routing modes + custom mode;
7 segment configurations;
fixed degree step for free/curve modes;
highlight only routed net option;
current via style option;
all options and hot keys are listed in Properties panel;
different trace width by layer (from net class rules).
- Improved trace editing:
selecting several segments at a time and bulk change properties;
adding nodes with a hot key (no mouse click or selecting item is necessary);
Changing all parameters in Properties panel;
more hot keys (all listed in sub-menu and properties panel).
- Slot holes.
- Identical component/net naming in hierarchical schematic and PCB.
- Easy connecting/disconnecting wires to/from nets by names, text object automatically changes with net name of the nearest wire.
- Making wires in Schematic is now similar to PCB manual routing (automatic or 2-segment configuration).
- N/C Drill Import is easily combined with Gerber import to get pads with holes.
- Correct N/C drill export for blind holes (by layer pairs), automatic identifying existing layer pairs with "Export All" button.
- PADS ASCII import in Component and Pattern Editors, final stage of PADS ASCII schematic import development.
- Properties/Layers panel auto-switch, depending on the selected tool or object/s, more properties by objects.
- Separate objects highlight option.
- RefDes Renumbering (left to right,top to bottom).
- Jumper wire layer selection ("View/Jumper Wires" from main menu). Jumpers in the silk layer are automatically removed from vias.
- Current copper pour state is displayed on the Properties panel now.
- Renaming just a part of the net (related wires only) option in Schematic.
- Global Nets in Hierarchy (single net on all levels, net-ports and connecting nets by name in hierarchy).
- Update PCB from Hierarchical Schematic by components (no similar RefDes inside hierarchy needed).
- Making polygons, board outline and copper pours is similar.
- More drill symbols (characters added). Comment table for drill symbols.
- Back Annotation of net and net classes.
- Saving/Loading rules in DipTrace PCB Layout (net classes, via styles, layers, DRC rules). Loading Net Classes in Schematic.
- Mask and Paste settings for pad/s in Pattern Editor.
- Displaying only wires of selected component while moving it in Diptrace PCB Layout (turned ON by default).
- Converting static vias to dynamic (parts of traces) and back.
- New components are placed outside the board outline while renewing PCB from Schematic.
- Speed optimizations and UI improvements.

Version 2.1 (February 10, 2010)
- New high-class shape-based auto-router.
- Dimensions in PCB Layout and Pattern Editor (horizontal, vertical, free, radius, pointer).
- Saving all settings within project file.
- Board cutout, copper objects and route obstacles in Pattern Editor.
- Shape line width in Pattern Editor.
- Polylines and polygons in Pattern Editor.
- Converting polygons to pads and back in Pattern Editor.
- DXF import improvements in Pattern Editor ("All layers" and "Fill closed areas" options).
- TrueType for pin names/pin numbers/net names in Schematic (optional).
- Remove similar holes in drill files.
- Searching and displaying holes by size.
- Rectangle with rounded corners board outline in board points dialog box.
- "View/Objects" tab on the design manager panel. "Copper Pours" item has been added.
- Redesigned Print Preview dialog box in DipTrace PCB Layout.
- Resizable Pin Manager and Attached Pattern dialog boxes in Component Editor.
- Quick-access buttons on component properties panel in Component Editor.
- Different fonts for pin names in Component Editor or Schematic.
- Pin Properties dialog box in Schematic.
- Changing grid size with "Ctrl+" and "Ctrl-". "+" and "-" are used to change scale in all programs. "R" or "Space" for rotating in all programs.
- "IC - 4 sides" component type in Component Editor.
- Changing parameters has been reworked. Only x-position of horizontal pins is now changing when you change width, and y-position of vertical pins if change height of the IC. Other properties are not changed.
- Rectangle and Zig-Zag pattern types in DipTrace Pattern Editor.
- "Lock properties" button in Component and Pattern Editors.
- Displaying library of component and "Place into Current Position" button in Search window of Component and Pattern editors.
- "Block Delete" (select several components and delete) and "Block Insert" (right click/Insert Components from library) components/patterns in Component and Pattern Editors.
- Library verification features in Component and Pattern Editors.
- Component search options (in active/opened library (all programs)).
- Pins sorting in pin manager of Component Editor (by name, number and position).
- Repositioning pins by name or number in Component Editor.
- Group Rotate and Flip features in Component Editor (pin submenu; "Shift+R", "Shift+F" hot keys).
- Internal connections highlight and editing improvements while attaching pattern to component in Component Editor.
- Displaying pad numbers in Pattern Editor,  DipTrace PCB Layout and Component Editor.
- Default Net Width verification while updating pcb from schematic or saving net properties from pcb (route mode, hidden connections, etc.).
- Data and document files moved to AppData and MyDocuments folders. No new files  in Program Files folder (Vista/Win 7 compatibility).
- P-CAD ASCII, PADS Import/Export improvements.
- P-CAD ASCII, Eagle Script libraries import improvements.
- OrCAD MIN Interchange Import/Export in PCB Layout.
- Origin point can be placed by object key-points.
- "Change Symbol Type" feature in Component Editor (automatically makes 2-sided or 4-sided symbol from the existing one).
- Making busses by pin names in Component Editor.
- "No thermal for vias" and separate thermal settings for SMD in copper pour properties (no need to use pad/via custom thermal settings).
- Printer calibration in PCB Layout.
- Panelizing improvements (exclude selected objects from panelizing, saving panelizing settings with layout file).
- Dimensions are displayed for pattern types in Pattern Editor.
- Change type properties for rotated pattern is now possible in Pattern Editor.
- Changes in RefDes numeration for hierarchy (U1_1, U1_2, etc.).
- Additional verification of attached patterns for multi-part components while exporting net-list or saving file.
- ArcMode automatically turns OFF after placing arc in board outline.
- Placing pattern markings over pads/vias/traces.
- Increased graphics speed in PCB Layout, Component and Pattern Editors.
- New recovery options (number of steps between auto-savings and enabling/disabling recovery).
- Text type (RefDes, Name, Value) in Pattern Editor.
- Copper pour fill counts internal copper pours.
- UI improvements.
- 16000+ new components, existing libraries were redesigned to comply with new standards.

Version 2.0 (February 17, 2009)
- Properties panel in PCB Layout and Schematic.
- Display/Hide layers in PCB Layout.
- Design Manager added.
- Fanoutis now available.
- Hierarchical Schematic.
- Custom color for the net.
- Direction arrows for wires in Schematic.
- Thermal support in DXF Edge function.
- Arc traces in DipTrace PCB Layout.
- Text in Pattern Editor.
- "Unroute line" option in PCB Layout.
- Make connection from trace end while routing (D3D and OpenGL modes).
- Lock net structure in PCB Layout.
- Manual routing improvements.
- Copy/paste projects between DipTrace instances.
- Internal connections between component and pattern.
- Panelizing of different PCBs on a single panel.
- P-CAD ASCII Import/Export in Schematic and PCB Layout.
- PADS ASCII 2005 Import/Export in PCB Layout.
- 8000+ new components in standard libraries.

Version 1.50 (March 6, 2008)

- DirectX/OpenGL support (faster drawing of complex Schematics and boards).
- Vector fonts support.
- Panelizing.
- Copper pour island removal (internal, unconnected).
- Snapping copper pour to board outline option added.
- "Black and White" print option.
- Selecting/Deselecting objects by type, layer, etc.
- Hidden wires display in Schematic.
- Connect shape to net in PCB Layout (DRC, copper pours, etc.)
- Copy/Paste shortcuts in component/pattern editor component properties panel.
- Automatic change of incorrect polygonal pads.
- Traces box in DXF export dialog box.
- "Fill closed areas" option in DXF import, embedded polygons can be cutouts.
- "Shift" hot key for orthogonal shapes.
- Convert cutout shapes to board outline.
- Bulk connection for pads/vias in PCB Layout.
- Correct trace/connection alignment for center-free polygonal pads.
- Forbid jumpers under components option for autorouter.
- Hide table borders option.
- Redesigned small scale grid view.
- "Different grid step for Y" option added.
- Highlight optimizations (reducing CPU time).
- Row number and total quantity in BOM.
- Forcing correct extension while saving files.
- "Do not display hint" option.
- Scaling schematic and titles to page for printing.
- Multiple edge passes option in DXF Export.
- Changing width of components/patterns panel.
-"Disable automatic wire routing" option in Schematic.
- 9000+ new components.

Version 1.40 (May 23, 2007)

- Components placement by list and arrangement in PCB Layout.
- Auto-placement.
- Spice export and Spice settings in Schematic and Component Editor.
- File formats extending (floating point values are more accurate, etc).
- Library path in component/pattern properties, automatic update.
- Custom colors for printing.
- Creating traces and wires on empty area.
- Route/Unroute traces for selected components.
- Components additional fields in PCB Layout and Schematic.
- Unlimited number of grids.
- Assembly options.
- Snap components to grid by origin point.
- Components with SMD pads on both sides.
- Pattern can have Mask, Paste, Assy shapes on both sides of the board.
- Top side is invisible while editing inner layer.
- Changing pattern name in Schematic without attaching pattern (for netlists).
- Changing default line width for shapes in PCB Layout and Schematic
- Selecting traces separately in PCB Layout.
- Selecting of visible objects only for box selection.
- Warning message for change net structure attempts.

- Net names above the wires.
- "Export All" option in Gerber dialog box.
- DRC - control min ring size and max drill size.
- Automatic Text flip for Bottom board side.
- Schematic and PCB Import from Eagle.
- Direct editing of string grids (additional fields, pin numbers, etc).
- Separate Export Drill files for through and blind/buried holes.
- OrCad TAP drill files export.
- Updating PCB from related schematic (hot key as well).

Version 1.30 (October 25, 2006)
- Customizing colors (black background, etc.).
- Changing layer in copper pour submenu.
- Zoom extents/center tool for print preview.
- Gerber import.
- Electra/Specctra Integration (DSN export, SES import).
- Netlist Export in Schematic (Mentor, OrCAD, Tango, PADS, Accel, Allegro, P-CAD, Protel etc.)
- Netlist Import in PCB Layout.
- Unlimited customizable fields for components and patterns (texts or links).
- DXF export in Schematic.
- Titles in DXF export in PCB Layout.
- DipTrace ASCII format (import/export in all programs).
- Free angle component rotation.
- Moving selected objects using arrow keys.
- Double click to open object properties.
- Mouse wheel for zooming and scrolling project.
- Lock/Unlock objects.
- "Enter" for OK  and "Esc" for Cancel in all dialog boxes.
- Separate "Via" object in PCB layout (Static Via).
- Editing Paste/Mask layers separately (shapes, custom settings for pads).
- "Shift" for orthogonal moving, "Esc" button to cancel moving.
- Both component and marking highlight while pointing mouse at component or marking in "F10" mode.
- Keyboard shortcuts to change layers.
- "Traces" box in Gerber export.
- Board outline width can be changed (Line Width dialog box).
- Board cutouts (shape property).
- Trace length measurement.
- "Ctrl+1-0" hot keys for layers change in PCB Layout.
- Up/Down keys to switch between pins in pin manager (Component Editor).
- Blind/buried pads/static vias.
- Many minor improvements.

Version 1.23 (April 4, 2006)- Custom thermals for pads.

- Custom thermals for pads.
- Sorting in Component and Pattern Editors.
- "Zoom Extents" tool in Schematic and PCB.
- Separate scale and position for Schematic pages.
- Net connectivity verification in PCB Layout.
- "Save to File" option in "Compare to Schematic" dialog box.
- Right-click "Paste" submenu on the design area.
- Gerber text vectorization improvements.
- Unlimited zoom in Gerber and N/C drill preview.
- Separate selection of each wire of the net or bus in Schematic.
- Moving vias and "Add Node" features were improved.
- Renaming and deleting nets in Connection Manager.
- Merging nets pop-up submenu in PCB Layout.
- Returning origin to default position.
- Edit wire nodes in Schematic improvements.
- Printing negative in PCB Layout.
- Rotate text in part marking moving mode ("F10" mode).
- "Apply to" in pad properties dialog box.
- Selection of overlapping objects with several clicks.
- P-CAD PDIF import in Schematic and PCB Layout.
- Eagle Script and P-CAD ASCII library import.