Library Creation

Smart Component Management

DipTrace is always up-to-date; we continuously expand component libraries and bring innovations directly to you. The standard library set already includes more than 140,000 components and 15,200 patterns. Pattern and Component Editors allow you to design new components with custom templates, bulk pin naming, pad renumbering, and bus management instruments, which significantly increase the working speed. Importing libraries and 3D models from various formats adds even more engineering capabilities. Component and Pattern library verifications ensure an error-free design environment from the early beginning.

Create Electronic Parts

Library Management

Component Footprint PCB

Pattern Editor

This DipTrace module allows the user to manage pattern libraries and draw patterns with various types of shapes, pads, holes, and dimensions. Circle, Lines (headers, DIP), Square (QFP), Matrix (BGA), Rectangle (RQFP), and Zig-Zag standard templates provide significant production speed-up. Creation of pattern is basically selecting a template, entering a couple of vital parameters, drawing silkscreen, and launching automatic pad renumbering. Custom templates can be created for non-standard patterns. DXF import makes creating complex layouts easier.

Component Schematic Symbol

Component Editor

Allows the user to manage component libraries and create single- or multi-part components by selecting a template and its dimensions, defining visual and electrical pin parameters, setting up a Spice model, and attaching pattern with 3D model to finalize component creation. BSDL import, bulk pin naming, and pin manager tools provide friendly interface and give maximum capabilities for managing pins and buses. Importing libraries from different EDA formats gives the capability to use existing shared or "previous software" components instead of making them from scratch.

Electronic Component in 3D

3D Models

Are necessary for correct 3D board preview and export. More than 7,500 3D models are avialable for free download, while new models can be created in various external 3D editors and imported in STEP, IGES, WRL, or 3DS file formats. DipTrace offers convenient 3D model attachment system with comprehensive settings, real-time 3D preview, and various color templates.