3D Modeling

Real-Time 3D Preview & Export

DipTrace PCB Layout module includes real-time 3D preview & export feature. It shows the model of manufactured printed circuit board with all components installed. You can rotate the board on three axes, zoom in and out in real time, change colors of the board, copper areas, solder mask, silkscreen, and background. 3D preview works at all stages of the design. Board can be exported to STEP or VRML 2.0 formats for mechanical CAD modelling. More than 7,500 3D models of components are supplied for free. Besides, the software features integrated tools for 3D model generation based on IPC recovery code or component outline. On top of this, externally designed 3D models in *.wrl, *.step, *.iges, and *.3ds formats can be uploaded and attached to patterns in Pattern Editor or PCB Layout.

3D Printed Circuit Board