Feature Request - Trace to arbitrary copper shape

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Feature Request - Trace to arbitrary copper shape

#1 Post by nikthefix » 29 Sep 2023, 23:23

Experimenting with pcb copper coils, antennas, inductors, cap touch pads and rubber dome switch contacts is tricky in Diptrace. I'd like to request an option to allow routing traces to arbitrary copper shapes where the trace snap point(s) can be defined (perhaps just on-the-fly with a ctrl/shift).

At present, if I need a spiral coil inductive sensor I import the shape from CAD as DXF with filled closed shapes to my top signal layer. Then assign a Net to the copper shape, then add vias of the same net to physically overlap the copper coil terminals. It works for production but it's a bit of a fudge and the DRC can throw a fit. Parity with a schematic is also problematic. Would it be possible to treat imported copper shapes as electrical by default? Either that or allow the creation of user patterns which permit user defined multiple routing snap points to copper shapes declared as pads - even if those points end up being on the same net.



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Re: Feature Request - Trace to arbitrary copper shape

#2 Post by Alex » 02 Oct 2023, 09:57

You can add a small pad within copper shape and connect a trace to that pad. The pad and the shape should belong to the same net to avoid DRC errors. That is not always possible though. Therefore we will consider an option to connect pattern's shape(s) to a net. Thank you for the request.

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