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Export Copper Pour Without Fill

Posted: 21 Sep 2023, 04:16
by mbrown
I need to export a PCB layout as DXF for circulation with a team. I need the copper pours to export as outlines only. If the copper pours export filled, they are rasterized into near infinite lines and will make the file unusable in any CAD software.
The closest I've come to succeeding at this is the option "Clear All Copper Pours", then exporting. However this does not export the polygon boundaries as shown in the graphics area, it doesn't export the pours at all.

Re: Export Copper Pour Without Fill

Posted: 22 Sep 2023, 05:57
by Alex
Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. As workaround, you can place unfilled polygon shape on copper layer over copper pour boundary. Export DXF file and delete the polygon.