Atmel / Arduino

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Atmel / Arduino

#1 Post by joelsampson » 26 Jan 2012, 05:27

I'm working on a new project using an Atmel 328 in an Arduino type configuration. Are there any files in DipTrace format to help me get started, like a basic board? I could not find any. Most Arduino users seem to use Eagle, but DipTrace looks easier to use and the price is great.

Hopefully I can figure DipTrace out. Thanks!

Joel in Dallas

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Re: Atmel / Arduino

#2 Post by RDC » 05 Feb 2012, 07:56

Hey Joel,

One of the other great things about DipTrace is that it's fairly easy to make whatever isn't already included.

The thing with an Arduino board is that it has more than just the chip on it, it's already a PCB, so you'd have to make your own component that either encompassed all of that, or at least had the core pinouts of it. I haven't used Eagle much except for viewing other files created in it, but I doubt they have prototyping boards already made up in there either.

Going from strictly the component level up is more where you'll find that PCB design tools are geared. So doing the prototyping on the Arduino board, and then going in DipTrace from the Atmega328 chip up is the way to go there for making up your schematic and then a final PCB version. Nothing beats a pencil and some graph paper for a rough draft also, then going from that to a much better schematic in DipTrace is an even easier step.

Making just the Atmega328 component is fairly easy, and version 2.2 already has quite a few Atmel chips, though not the 328, but it only takes a few minutes after you get the hang of it all to make a new one up. Even less time when you just duplicate some component with the same number of pins and then just edit them accordingly in the Pin Manager, and going from the DataSheet of the component in question will ensure that you have a component you can then use over and over again from that point.

Good luck with the project.

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Re: Atmel / Arduino

#3 Post by sacherjj » 08 Feb 2012, 16:51

I was just starting an ATMega328 project last night. (My first, getting to know DIPTrace test). You can use any chips listed in on the 328 Data Sheet for pin compatibles. I believe I used the ATMega48.

Chips listed on the Data Sheet (with only memory size differences I think):

Also keep in mind that many of the Arduino boards fly fast and lose with the Atmel recommendations for various filter caps, etc. Do a search for the AVR042 app note.

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Re: Atmel / Arduino

#4 Post by electronics-engineer » 21 Feb 2012, 18:25

sacherjj wrote:Do a search for the AVR042 app note.

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Re: Atmel / Arduino

#5 Post by dirknerkle » 30 Aug 2014, 11:40

Wow, this thread went dead a couple years ago! Time to add something to it.

I needed a sort of semi-Arduino type board that gave me options to build/connect what I wanted yet have access to every pin on the ATMega328 chip. I wasn't looking for a shield -- I wanted an inexpensive board that could stand alone as a controller that I could embed into other lighting and servo control projects permanently. Consequently, I didn't really need the full capabilities of a true Arduino -- I only wanted the basics.
So I threw this together in a few minutes, generated the Gerbers, sent them to Elecrow and a couple weeks later had ten of these for my various projects. The board is 50mm square and so qualifies for their low production fees -- ten boards delivered for about $15. I can populate the board economically only with the parts I need and make only the minimal connections needed and thus, keep the cost of other projects down.
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Re: Atmel / Arduino

#6 Post by DevilMKD » 08 Nov 2014, 18:09

Here you have a bare Arduino Uno compatible shield (only the board outline with the headers)
You can use it to rout out your projects on it, you dont need to draw from scratch
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Re: Atmel / Arduino

#7 Post by stans » 14 Aug 2015, 16:58

Wow! Thanks for the baseboard for an Arduino shield. I had cobbled something together that worked but was
a little messy and missing the 3 "holes that work well for the Arduino box that you can buy.

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