Diagonal wires in schematic capture

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Re: Diagonal wires in schematic capture

#11 Post by Simon » 22 Feb 2021, 15:03

So did diagonal wires ever get added to the schematic? Stepping them as above looks pretty bad and it seems like it would be quite a basic feature to have.

This was the only reference to it I could find on the forum.

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Re: Diagonal wires in schematic capture

#12 Post by KevinA » 22 Feb 2021, 21:25

Moris wrote:
23 Sep 2019, 06:37
crossing wires with diptrace is a work around (step down grid, make crossing, step up grid).
And for me this does not look professional/standard.
I usually make the component match the connector while building the component, looks much better and is a lot less confusing. One PCB package I've used would loop over a crossing, but in most cases nowdays there isn't E sized drawings with everything wired up, just A size drawings with net ports.

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