Gerber X2 vs Old Gerber Outputs

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Gerber X2 vs Old Gerber Outputs

#1 Post by mbelectronicdesign » 23 Apr 2020, 13:51

I've exported many boards to Gerber format and I've had to include the plated and non-plated hole files as an additional step then add those drill files into the zip file I send to the board house.

If I export as Gerber X2, do I need to also export the drill files like before?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Gerber X2 vs Old Gerber Outputs

#2 Post by Alex » 24 Nov 2020, 03:56

You can export drills to Gerber X2 file. But I am not sure that all PCB manufacturers accept drill file in X2 format. More traditionally is Gerbers + NC drill files.
Please notice, you can export Gerber files + NC drill file(s) + zip all files into archive in one click in version 4.0.

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