DipTrace 3.3 beta

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Re: DipTrace 3.3 beta

#41 Post by mgriebling » 19 Oct 2018, 09:21

I hope the issue I reported under wine woth the previous version , that is no circles get printed on the printed schematic has been fixed


We have the same issue under Wine for the Mac. It is very problematic since none of the inverted outputs show up for logic gates and symbols.

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Re: DipTrace 3.3 beta

#42 Post by fdemir » 20 Oct 2018, 00:45

novarm44 wrote:
19 Oct 2018, 04:10
Some minor features i want to say.
1- When click a track with edit track mode, it draws track with default width. I think this will be more seful if it continue with tracks width that being edited.
2- Routing by arrow keys on numeric part of keyboard while manual routing.
Maybe these are easy to add to version 3.3
I will move 2 to to-do, but not to 3.3 yet as we plan to release 3.3 at Monday-Tuesday and it is already quite stable for release (any feature change may add bugs).
1. Do you mean route manual mode when start from current trace? I suppose it should be the width you define on the route panel, but not the width of trace you start from.
Yes. I mean adding new track to existing one. Maybe you can add option for it.

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