DipTrace Team has the question to our users

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#71 Post by arbush » 12 Aug 2015, 14:26

Rather that new library parts I would like to see some of the features that have been requested over the years implemented. These features might include:

1) automatic updates to libraries when patterns change (as opposed to the current, labor intensive option of manually updating every component). This feature was first requested 3 years ago and is still the most mentioned topic I've seen (i.e. http://www.diptrace.com/forum/viewtopic ... ary#p18272)
2) part/silk screen alignment options in layout (as opposed to the current manual method right now requiring manual alignment of each part individually). This feature was first requested at least 2 years ago, but this post also mentions it: http://www.diptrace.com/forum/viewtopic ... ign#p15894
3) a project based design approach - which I saw suggested not too long ago in the forums. A project based approach would probably have the benefit of making (1) easier to achieve in that the tools will always know they're reference the correct libraries. Even something as simple as a text file listing libraries/directories to setup a project would be acceptable. http://www.diptrace.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8651
4) Simple things like relative paths would make a text based project setup file easy and moveable between users in a shared CVS environment.

There are many other good ideas floating around in the forums that I think should take a much higher priority than adding more library parts. The reason being we, as a community, can work on library parts while we can't, as a community, implement features.


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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#72 Post by babusarkar33 » 12 Oct 2015, 03:32

I would like to see :
(1) footprints and pattern layouts for EHT used in CRT TV circuit boards from manufacturers like Salora (India) Sony, Changhong and YW and other Chinese and Malaysian manufacturers.
(2) 14" /21"CRT sockets/ base, TUNER, radio gang (Alps), colour-delay-line (Asahi), patterns can also be added alongwith (4pin and others) yoke connectors.
(3) TV IC layout/patterns TDA9381xxxx (Philips-NXP) and TA8823/8873/8875/8895 (all 64pin DIL) Toshiba
LA 76810/76812/76813 (Sanyo) may also be added.
Thank you.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#73 Post by yoko-id » 13 Oct 2015, 17:30

All Display Seven segment , Dotmatrix LED, LCD. thank you. :D

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#74 Post by SparkyLabs » 15 Oct 2015, 06:59

I don't want to be funny but how about developing the actual software first...... At best diptrace is still amateurish, we can all do libraries but we can't code for diptrace. I am about to resort to creating my own libraries, one part for every value of component, so resistors will have a resistor per value so that I can put a manufacturer part in so that I can generate a BOM easily. But what I do want to see is more flexibility on how I make libraries, I cannot specify the size or position of markings for schematic symbols and more importantly footprint parts. Tell me what the hell is the point in using 0805 resistors instead of 1206 if the name is still so big it's pointless as I gain no space..........

I make a net port in schematic and because I can't position the name I have to do it manually every time on every port! very time consuming.......

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#75 Post by Weedj123 » 16 Oct 2015, 09:12

Admin wrote:DipTrace Team has the question to our users: what series of components do you want to see in standard libraries in future?
Please specify electronic type or manufacturer you need. We will consider every proposal and best ones will be added to our to-do library list. All suggestions are welcomed.

With kind regards
DipTrace Team
I'd like to see bigger sized pads on thru hole patterns to accommodate hand soldering.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#76 Post by Gigatrek » 18 Oct 2015, 15:31

Hello, i'd like to resize components with pattern editor.
I'd like group all component and resize the group in one time as like a single object.

Thank you for your work

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#77 Post by SparkyLabs » 18 Oct 2015, 15:33

we need to be able to position text on symbols and determine text size.

I give my part a refdes but I can't control where that appears and how big so on for example net ports I have to edit every one to make it what I want instead of it being right from the library. Because this program is made by amateurs!

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#78 Post by Drew » 15 Nov 2015, 22:40

SparkyLabs, completely agree, it’s pretty amateurish. Not that one can exonerate by comparison but all comprehensive PCB packages have the mien of being generated by a precocious 15 year old with no experience of the coal face. DipTrace is one of the better ones, tried DesignSpark? That really is appalling, with the bonus feature of being incredibly flaky. I actually broke my desk banging my fists against it.
But since the topic is features, a glaringly obvious one absent from all (dunno about the mega-priced packages) is different footprints for different construction methods, namely reflow, wave and hand soldering. I never use the supplied footprints, even if present they’re rarely appropriate for exacting design.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#79 Post by KevinA » 20 Dec 2015, 01:42

Please look into a parametric 3D builder that can generate the 3D package based on the parts X,Y and Z and a label for the parts name - I just need to know if it will interfere with other parts, if someone wants to spend their time making life like 3D PCB boards they need a new manager.

The inability to size text surprised me, this is a trivial thing not worth taking the rash of complaints I see on this forum.
I just imported a DXF board, sweet, one of the best tools I've found for this.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#80 Post by bird » 01 Feb 2016, 21:46

It makes sense to add the Silicon Labs ICs because you already have in your library all their competitors represented ;)
I use extensively their SI6400 I2C galvanic isolators which comes in different packages.
They have all the models and patterns on their web site but the file format is proprietary and needs few steps to convert right there...

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