Traces disappear when trying to tweak route.

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Traces disappear when trying to tweak route.

#1 Post by kw_martin » 22 Mar 2021, 17:15

I'm relatively new to Dip Trace and currently laying out an RFID board and having issues with the 4-turn RfId antenna. I'm placing the antenna on the bottom trace of a 4-layer board. The antenna has two pads (with tents and no solder options) which the loop effectively shorts together. The antenna loops are on the bottom trace and loop around 4 times with crossovers on the top trace. I have routed this manually. The problem is when I try to adjust the bottom trace, for example moving slightly the end point or tweaking the space between the loops, the complete four loops disappear from the screen including cross-overs and vias. I should mention I'm running 32-bit Diptrace on Ubuntu 20.04 using Wine. It seems to mostly work correctly except for this. I can delete the loops and start again, but the manual routing is quite time consuming (for me). I can't tell when it disappears from the screen if it's sill in the layout. Doing ^Z, brings the loops back. Any ideas? suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Traces disappear when trying to tweak route.

#2 Post by Alex » 23 Mar 2021, 05:44

Please open "Route -> Route Setup -> Settings" and disable "Remove Loops (bow tie effect)" option.

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