Reporting bugs here

Report bugs here
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Re: Reporting bugs here

#11 Post by Alex » 28 Feb 2020, 10:24

Thank you for the report, we will fix it in the next build.

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Re: Reporting bugs here

#12 Post by bytraper » 29 Mar 2021, 06:19

Diptrace bug

When you move a part on the board using the right button it highlights it and gives you the x and y coordinates, but when you press the left mouse button to highlight the part and select it, the highlight goes away, now if you move the piece with the arrow keys the coordinates are frozen in the last place you ha the highlight on.

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Re: Reporting bugs here

#13 Post by whitebream » 31 Mar 2021, 04:05
PCB layout ignores custom mask/paste settings for individual pads in footprint library. Everything is back to 'Common State'.

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