Copper and Silk in step export

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Copper and Silk in step export

#1 Post by bappe » 23 Jul 2014, 05:07

For me it would be very useful to have the possibility to include copper and silk in the 3D export to STEP, not only for VRML.

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Re: Copper and Silk in step export

#2 Post by Serg » 24 Jul 2014, 07:22


Yes, you are right. It is very useful. We planned this feature in a past. But do not plan now. It relate with step file size. The step file will be very big after adding copper and silk.

Serg Luts
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Re: Copper and Silk in step export

#3 Post by farley » 24 Jul 2014, 10:29

Sometimes it is helpful to have the silkscreen and text of the PCB show up for use in product presentations, manuals, etc. However, I do imagine the step file size would get quite large if the text and traces were all rendered as solids.

I use SolidWorks for mechanical CAD. It allows graphics files to be placed as decals on most any surface of a part. Your software may have a similar function.

My workflow to get the silk and traces into SolidWorks:
1. Export the step file from DipTrace, include components.
2. Open the step file into SolidWorks and save it as a part (.sldprt) file.
3. Uncheck "components" in the DipTrace 3d View, set board thickness to .01mm, and click redraw.
4. Zoom the image as big as it can go and do a screen capture.
5. Paste capture into Irfanview and crop to the edges of the board.
6. Save file as jpg or png.
7. In SolidWorks, apply the resultant jpg or png file as a decal to the appropriate side of the board and adjust mapping to make it fit.
8. Repeat beginning at step 4 for the back of the board.

It looks convoluted but typing the instructions took longer than performing the steps. In practice this process takes maybe 2 minutes for both sides of the board.

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Re: Copper and Silk in step export

#4 Post by bappe » 01 Aug 2014, 04:42

Thanks farley for the tip :)

What i have done so far is the following:

#1 Export to STEP of full design
#2 Export to WRML of copper and silk
#3 Import STEP as assembly into CREO (Pro/E)
#4 Create a new part in CREO and import the WRML into part, that will give me all planes needed and they are right at the board outline :)
#5 Place the newly created part into the assembly and i have my complete design in CREO!

This work very good and it does save on file size! It is funny how one does not start thinking until one has aired ones problems :)
I also want to add that I´m a very happy user, keep up the good work![/b]

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