Library path editor

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Library path editor

#1 Post by moshannon » 04 Sep 2012, 01:28

I created a custom component library and used it to create a schematic containing over 100 components. Then I renamed the library and moved it to a different folder. DipTrace could no longer find the library file when I selected "Update from library". I had to manually change the library path for all 100+ components. This took a long time, and it is very easy to miss a few components.

I changed all of the paths from absolute to relative by omitting the path. This will allow me to move the file to a different folder without having to fix the library path again. But every time I add a new component to my schematic, DipTrace will automatically add an absolute path to that component. It is very easy to forget this.

All of my components are located in a few component libraries. It would be VERY helpful if DipTrace provided a Library Path Editor. The editor would display only the UNIQUE library paths. For example, if I am using three libraries, then the editor would show only three paths. If I edit one of the paths shown in the editor, the editor would automatically update that path for EVERY component that uses it.

This would allow me to:

1. Quickly see which libraries my schematic is using.

2. Quickly update all of the affected paths whenever a library file is moved or renamed.

The existing user interface is fine for updating individual components. The Library Path Editor is only needed for MASS updates.

Thanks for considering my suggestions.

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Re: Library path editor

#2 Post by evanh » 04 Sep 2012, 18:54

Very much second this one. Or something similar like unique component naming with no pathing in the components at all.

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Re: Library path editor

#3 Post by novarm44 » 06 Sep 2012, 13:10

Thank You for suggestion! We plan to redesign library system soon, so this will be also considered as part of new user interface.

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Re: Library path editor

#4 Post by bvisser » 22 Jan 2015, 05:58

Any progress on this? I have done a fairly large design and have since moved to a new PC with a different file structure. Now I cannot make small changes to my design as the paths are all stuck to the old ones.
Additionally I cannot email my design to my clients as they will not be able to maintain it if their path is not the same. Is there a new feature / workaround for this?


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Re: Library path editor

#5 Post by chrisjohns » 15 Nov 2015, 17:28

I'm also stuck wondering if it's possible to change a library's path for all components in a group placed in a schematic? From the 2.4 change log from last year, it says "New library management system"?

The inability to modify library paths makes collaboration extremely tedious.

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Re: Library path editor

#6 Post by Alex » 20 Nov 2015, 02:56

You can export schematic to DipTrace ASCII format, open it in a text editor, find all instances of old library path and replace them with new path. Save modified ASCII file and import it back to schematic editor.

-- 20 Nov 2015, 09:58 --

New library management system is global library setup for all editors. It is also different way of accessing libraries and components from them.

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Re: Library path editor

#7 Post by moshannon » 27 Feb 2017, 14:13

I have moved dozens of DipTrace files to a new file server with a different folder structure, and all of my schematics now contain broken file references. I know how to export as ASCII and fix up the references, but it is a lot of work. I don't mind doing it ONCE, but if I ever have to move these files again in the future... Ugh.

I really like DipTrace 3.0. I have recommended it to friends. But I also warned them about the problem with absolute file paths.

I posted my original question in SEP 2012. Will the next version of DipTrace provide a solution to this problem?

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Re: Library path editor

#8 Post by johannesomni » 25 Jul 2018, 14:02

Has there been any update to this issue? I also would like to be able to change the file location of libraries for many components in a schematic. This is especially important for when I'm working with a colleague using a different computer with different drive names and folder structure.

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Re: Library path editor

#9 Post by dtu2 » 25 Jul 2018, 16:00

johannesomni wrote:
25 Jul 2018, 14:02
Has there been any update to this issue?
None to my knowledge. Here's a couple of topics addressing this...

viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3990&p=6103&hilit=r ... path#p6103

viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8651&p=12734&hilit= ... ath#p12734

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