Some design suggestions

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Some design suggestions

#1 Post by Michael » 15 Jun 2010, 10:28

I installed DipTrace like a week ago, and this is by far the best software I have used so far for Schematic & PCB design.

But !!! here are some suggestions:

Add shortcut keys to all items in every menu !

I think the feature that I use the most is the "Search Components". I use it almost all the time to place the components into my schematic, the toolbar where components are listed by manufacturer is not really useful for me, the only ones I used are probably the "Discrete", and "Disc_Sch", the toolbar is most useful for components that I created myself.
It would be nice if you could add an icon in the toolbar for the "Search Components" (on top of the shortcut key).

It would be nice to have the "Hand" tool, so that I can scroll left/right/up/down using the mouse, just like in a PDF viewer.

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Re: Some design suggestions

#2 Post by novarm44 » 15 Jun 2010, 14:11

Scroll (Panning) can be made with right mouse button. Hold down right button and pan.

Configurable shortcuts are in to-do list.

Search button is good idea - we will think on this.

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