Gerber X3 adds Component Layers

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Gerber X3 adds Component Layers

#1 Post by Martin1234 » 26 Oct 2021, 06:26

Since 2020 there is a new version of the Gerber format: Gerber X3, fully compatible with X2. It adds 2 component layers with data about footprint, size, orientation etc. and also meta data like manufacturer, supplier, partnumber.

It could replace the Bill of Materials and Component Placement files, be much more consistent, and allow more checks between other layers and component layer. This would greatly reduce any errors.

Using BOM/P&P with handmade adjustments is a process prone to a lot of errors. And differences in standards of determining the orientation creates more work for our assembler. These are one of the more time consuming and problematic issues for us when using Diptrace software.

Are there any plans to implement Gerber X3 into Diptrace as an export option? Together with a "Do Not Place"-option for components, this would add enormous value to the Diptrace software in my view.

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Re: Gerber X3 adds Component Layers

#2 Post by Serg » 27 Oct 2021, 04:51

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it.

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