Hierarchical blocks

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Hierarchical blocks

#1 Post by belbel » 19 Jun 2021, 06:24

I propose to add functions for working with hierarchical blocks:
Ability to declare selected objects in the PCB editor and schematic diagram as a hierarchical block.
Ability to save hierarchical blocks for integration into other projects in the form of linked schematics and routing.
When selecting all members of the hierarchical block in the trace, indicate to the program that this is a ready-made block for copying, otherwise, select the composition and declare it as a block with the required number. Since the blocks get into the wrong thing.
More details can be continued.

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Re: Hierarchical blocks

#2 Post by Alex » 22 Jun 2021, 08:53

Thank you for the suggestions. We don't plan major changes in implementation of the hierarchy but minor improvements are possible.

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