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Expanded PCB Verification Checks

Posted: 20 Feb 2021, 20:42
by Dave8266
A few small feature request for the Verification Checks in the PCB tool:

1) It would be great if there was a one-click "Check Everything" button in the toolbar. When clicked, this would run the DRC checks, check the net connectivity, and compare the PCB to the schematic, all in one shot.

2) Sometimes files get moved, renamed, etc, and the Related Schematic file referenced in the Layout Information page no longer exists. This will get caught, and an error message will appear, if you Renew Layout from Schematic. However, if you don't "renew", you would never know about this problem. It would be nice if this error was checked for at other times (When the file is loaded, or as a separate item or category in the Verification menu perhaps?) so that the user is made aware of the problem.

3) If the "Check Everything" feature is implemented, it might be useful to have a simple "OK / Not-OK" verification status message show at the top of the File Export dialog box. For example, if I have a PCB and select the option to export Gerber files, a red banner at the top of the Export box could say "One or more verification checks failed!" or something to that effect, so users would get a last-chance reminder to fix the problem(s).


Re: Expanded PCB Verification Checks

Posted: 22 Feb 2021, 08:14
by amshh
Very good!

Re: Expanded PCB Verification Checks

Posted: 24 Feb 2021, 03:35
by Alex
Thank you for the suggestions, we will consider them.
1) The first item sounds good, we may implement it.
2) Once you renew layout from schematic either by components or by RefDes, new path to related schematic is memorized.
3) Check everything may take a while on complex boards. We will consider running all verifications on exports optionable.