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Link "Compare to Schematic" to "Related Schematic"

Posted: 20 Feb 2021, 20:29
by Dave8266
A feature request for "Related Schematic" handling:

In the PCB editor, the Layout Information panel lets you assign a file as the Related Schematic, which is then automatically available for the "Renew Layout from Schematic" action. However, when selecting "Compare to Schematic" from the Verification menu, the software forgets all about this, and the user must always browse and re-find the file for comparison. It would be nice if these features worked the same way, so that we don't have to keep browsing for files repeatedly every time we verify a design.

Re: Link "Compare to Schematic" to "Related Schematic"

Posted: 24 Feb 2021, 03:38
by Alex
Thank you for the suggestion, comparing to related schematic (if it exists) sounds reasonable.