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Naming, Saving & Retrieving pads in the Pad editor

Posted: 29 Jan 2021, 09:26
by Pcad-User
Hello Diptrace development team,

I am trying to move from P-cad to Diptrace.

The thing I miss most is my inability to Name, Save and Retrieve my modified pad patterns and use them as the default pad within a pcb design.

I get around this by leaving extra copy's of the modified pads in the work area and use copy & paste when I need them.

This is very inconvenient as the paste function is not as easy to use as the default place pad function particularly if I want to add 30-40 modified pads.

Also when using 10-20 modified pads that may only differ by 10 microns in size to build an RF stripline device having to cut & paste or start from scratch each time can be very time consuming.

With the above in mind please consider adding the Naming, Saving and Retrieving options to the pad editor.

Best regards

Re: Naming, Saving & Retrieving pads in the Pad editor

Posted: 01 Feb 2021, 10:19
by Alex
You can create and edit pad templates in Pattern Editor (open pad properties and click on ... button). Further you can use templates in PCB Layout ( on the properties tab above the design manager).