Via stitching / shielding

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Via stitching / shielding

#1 Post by SoundMod » 20 Nov 2020, 21:12

Hi there,

I know that via stitching as been discuss in the past. But I'm wondering if you have this in your future feature list ?

I would also add that, if via stitching is planned consider to add "via shielding" functionnality along a selected net or a differential pair.
For via shielding, I would add the ability to set the distance between via manually or base on the option to use a calculated distance from 1/4, 1/10 or 1/20 of the desired frequency wavelenght.
The calculation would also take in consideration that the constant C is smaller when propagating through PCB.

This is my thought about this. But via stitching/shielding manually on a big design can be a bit tedious. I think that this process should be automated.


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Re: Via stitching / shielding

#2 Post by Alex » 24 Nov 2020, 03:38

Thank you for the suggestion. We will try to implement via stitching and shielding in future versions.

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