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grid size toggle

#1 Post by Tomg » 04 Sep 2020, 14:53

Like everyone else here I have a set of custom grid sizes that I use. Many times I find myself wanting to toggle between only two grid sizes that happen to be a good distance apart in my custom grid size table, which sometimes requires several "Ctrl" "+" or "Ctrl" "-" hotkey hits to get where I need to be. Also, if I am working in a grid size that I don't have or need in the custom list and I want to rapidly toggle back and forth between it and another grid size, there is currently no fast and convenient way to do so.

Adding a new hotkey combination (e.g. "Ctrl" + "F11") to designate, "on the fly", the current grid size as the "primary" would be helpful. Once assigned, an annunciator in the Hint Area would display the designated primary grid size (e.g. "Primary: xxx mm"). Then, when working in a different grid size, hitting a special hotkey (e.g. "G") to toggle between it and the designated primary grid size would speed up the work flow.

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Re: grid size toggle

#2 Post by Serg » 29 Oct 2020, 07:24

We will consider it.

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