Rigid-flex Design Support

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Rigid-flex Design Support

#1 Post by vanquish » 02 Sep 2020, 16:26

hullo favorite pcb design software team!

I know it's a big ask, but supporting rigid-flex boards would be a great feature to support if Novarm is looking to capture more complex design market.

It would be wonderful to specify copper layers completely as normal, but specify different regions of substrate.

There is lots to consider with routing as well. For instance, following board outline geometry, orienting/modifying crosshatch angles to consider bending direction and blending regions, controlling physical stress/strain of traces at bend locations, etc.

Is there any intention to develop features along this line?

Thanks for a wonderful product, I recommend it whenever I can.


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Re: Rigid-flex Design Support

#2 Post by Serg » 30 Oct 2020, 07:17

Thank you for offer. Yes, we plan to create this feature.

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