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Selection Tool - Lasso Tool

#1 Post by SoundMod » 15 Jul 2020, 22:09

Since editing schematic, pcb, component and patterns always involves selecting objects in the drawing area (probable the most performed operation).
I think that the selection tool needs a bit of reworks.

Right now even if there is the "Edit Selection" menu to gives "some" flexibility I think it doesn't do it in every situation.

1. I wish we could get a lasso tool so you can draw any type of shape around the desired objects you want to select (not just a square).
2. The ability, like in other CAD, to select everything inside the selection rectangle or everything inside+touching the rectangle. In other CAD, the mode depends on the direction (left-to-right) or (right-to-left).

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Re: Selection Tool - Lasso Tool

#2 Post by mpaalanen » 18 Jul 2020, 15:55

+1 to the above. At least the enclosing / touching selection logic should be doable with reasonable effort. Another desirable feature would be one that e.g. Fusion 360 has: selecting one of multiple overlapping elements is made easy by a long mouse button press that brings up a list of elements under mouse cursor. It is then easy to select the desired one from the list.

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