Maintain Component Focus When Changing Grid Size

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Maintain Component Focus When Changing Grid Size

#1 Post by synthRodriguez » 14 Jul 2020, 13:23

If you want to change the grid size while a part is selected on the PCB Layout editor, the current implementation applies:

1. Select a component on the PCB editor. Orange dots appear on component showing the part has focus.
2. Move the part,... oops. I meant to have the grid size on 0.00625, not 0.0125.
3. Mouse up and change Grid Size to desired setting on the drop down.
4. Component appears to still have focus as there are still orange dots on the perimeter, but it DOES NOT. You have to...
5. Click somewhere on the editor to clear the component from memory.
6. Re-click on the same part to regain focus on that component.
7. Move component.

It would be great if whatever has focus when changing grid size maintains focus. or as an alternative at least clear the visual indicators and release the item from memory and so you don't have to click away and re-click again part.

If an item shows it has focus, it should have focus. That's not the case in the above operation.

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Re: Maintain Component Focus When Changing Grid Size

#2 Post by Tomg » 14 Jul 2020, 14:40

Agreed. This DipTrace characteristic is annoying, especially if you have already spent some time selecting various objects only to discover that you need a special grid size not normally found in your custom grid size list. Maybe change the behavior so that after typing in a unique number in the grid size entry box at the top, hitting the [Return] key will automatically return mouse focus to the previously-selected objects.

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