Remember window sizes & positions

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Remember window sizes & positions

#1 Post by Exality » 16 Jun 2020, 12:53

It's really annoying to have to resize and position the schematic, layout, component editor, and pattern editor windows every time I start DipTrace. It's a simple thing to remember the last window position & size and I'd sure like to see that.

Martin Johnson
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Re: Remember window sizes & positions

#2 Post by Martin Johnson » 16 Jun 2020, 13:28

I totally agree with this, it can be particularly annoying with the window maximizing each time opened if you have a large 4K display with lots of other applications open. Application remembering window setup is a standard thing these days, or should be. If a solution implemented to fix this annoyance then there does need to be an additional option (perhaps in the launcher?) to restore all default window setup in case something got messed up, i.e. application was off screen or on a screen that is not present etc...That should also be simple to implement ;-)

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