point measurement type.

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point measurement type.

#1 Post by Neutron7 » 10 Apr 2020, 12:11

Just an idea for another measurement type, "point" click on an object, and the X/Y coordinates of the origin show. It would be handy for showing the location holes on multiple PCBs that have to align with each other.

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Re: point measurement type.

#2 Post by Alex » 24 Nov 2020, 03:58

When you hover mouse pointer on component the hint appears near the pointer and it has X/Y coordinates of the component.

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Re: point measurement type.

#3 Post by KevinA » 24 Nov 2020, 18:43

Or click the component properties but to put a 'Point' dimension on a component you have to write down the component location and place a 'Point' at that exact location.. time consuming, it would be good to have a placement square highlight when you mouse over the location point so you could place a 'Point' dimension on the pick and place point (location)

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