Editing text in v4

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Editing text in v4

#1 Post by Tomg » 18 Mar 2020, 21:48

DipTrace v4 has some nice usability improvements over v3, and they are much appreciated. One of the improvements is the ability to double-click on a text object to bring up its properties dialog window. A minor change that would make this new feature a little more user-friendly would be to have the [Font Settings...] button expand the text properties dialog window to show the font settings, instead of launching a separate Font Settings dialog window. The current v4 method tends to overpopulate the text editing experience with mouse clicks and windows.

If this change is implemented, the expanded state of the Text Properties dialog window should be remembered. This will help reduce some of the mouse clicks when editing text, with the expanded text properties dialog window possibly looking something like this...
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Re: Editing text in v4

#2 Post by Alex » 26 Nov 2020, 03:36

Font settings appear in new sub-window, but you can drag it away. When you close the sub-window and open it again it will appear where it was when you closed it. I mean the software memorizes position of the sub-window.

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Re: Editing text in v4

#3 Post by Dave8266 » 04 Feb 2021, 17:40

Has any consideration been given to Tomg's suggestion above of a unified text editing window?

When I edit text, I have no idea if the window will pop up like this:
DipTrace Text 1.png
.. or like this:
DipTrace Text 2.png
... it's always an unknown whether I will have to click again or not.

And by far, my most used text editing change, the font size, is buried under a third panel. So to change the font size of any text field takes not only a lot of mouse clicks, but an unpredictable workflow to get there.
DipTrace Text 3.png

If DipTrace had a global option, to let users chose to *always* show the full-size all-inclusive text editing window, then not only would the workflow be consistent, but all of the unnecessary buttons ("Show all text properties", "Font Settings...", and the redundant "OK" and "Cancel") could be removed - giving a more space-efficient editing window as a result.
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