Dynamic strings

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Dynamic strings

#1 Post by octal » 17 Jan 2020, 04:56

one feature we are missing a lot in Diptrace (that exists in Altium) is dynamic strings. In altium, when we insert a string anywhere in schematics or parts/component, we can put static text ("Speaker", "DIP8", ...) or we can use dynamic strings in the form ".designator", ".date" .... those strings are interpreted by altium when we compile the project and replaced by their content. The content is of two kinds:
- Parameter: user can define application or project based parameters (key/value) and the to use the param he precede its name by a dot symbol, or he can use predefined functions (.date, .time, .projectname, .projectVersion, ...)
- Internal identifiers of parts: for example .designator will be replaced by the part Refdef (.designator becomes "R3", "C56", ...).

This is very important for example when we want to make a layer showing parts placement (for fab), when creating parts, we can create a mechanical layer on which we draw a simple rectangle representing the space occupied by the part and we put ".designator" as a string on it. When we compile the project and generate gerber files, this layer will render each part as a rectangle with its real refdef on it.

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Re: Dynamic strings

#2 Post by Serg » 20 Jan 2020, 08:31

Thank you for offer. We will think about it.

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