Gerber Job File

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Gerber Job File

#1 Post by Martin1234 » 10 Dec 2019, 10:03

Ucamco has developed the Gerber Job File format, this is an additional file that includes all information that are not present in the normal gerber and drill exports.
It contains information like:
  • Layer Stackup: layers and their material, color, thickness
  • Board size, IPC class, special board requirements (press-fit, edge connector, etc.)
  • Design rule check settings
Ucamco has a program available that can output the file. However most of the info is already present in a diptrace project, so it would be a nice addition as export option. The great thing is that not all fields have to be filled in, so it doesn't need to introduce any complexity to the diptrace user about settings that are not understood.

Are there any plans to include an export option to create a Gerber Job File?

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Re: Gerber Job File

#2 Post by Alex » 30 Nov 2020, 03:41

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider exporting Gerber job file as some fields are already available in DipTrace layout file.

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