A Sketchup plugins for Diptrace 3d part

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A Sketchup plugins for Diptrace 3d part

#1 Post by KEITH LEE » 26 Mar 2013, 09:36

I made a plugins for Sketchup,it easy for making 3d part for Diptrace

1. can import diptrace part(wrl) or from other source support 8 format, direct to sketchup.
add a simple search part function

2. Direct export wrl format for Diptrace 3d,due to the orginal sketchup wrl export problems,wrl model cannot read by diptrace

3.Export wrl to Solidworks,because i use Altium AD10 too,it only support step models,i export wrl to solidworks and save it
to step format.(only for 3d part,don't import whole pcb to soldworks,it will take very long time,and the size is huge)

4.this plugins is small only a 1M DLL (only support Sketchup pro,Sketchup free not support ruby console)
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Re: A Sketchup plugins for Diptrace 3d part

#2 Post by opauly » 13 Oct 2017, 15:12

Where can I get this plugin?

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