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Eagle Import

#1 Post by mindspan » 04 Jan 2011, 17:51


I have imported libraries from eagle with no major problems, but I have a question as to where the patterns end up when you do this. I see the new component library and inside it the attached patterns are correct, but I cannot find a pattern library that matches the new component lib. Since opening a component and looking at the attached pattern doesn't tell you what file or lib it came from I'm at a loss as to how to edit any of the imported patterns. Do they somehow get embedded into the main component lib, or are they in a general file that I am not finding. If I search based on the pattern name (as shown when looking at the components attached pattern) it also isn't finding that pattern in any libs.


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Re: Eagle Import

#2 Post by Alex » 05 Jan 2011, 06:13

Hi Aaron,

You can import in Pattern editor the same Eagle script file you imported in Component editor. You will get pattern library. However patterns are embedded in Component library, therefore it is not necessary to import pattern library if you will not use it for further modifications.

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