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Deleting Library Groups - Delete button greyed out

Posted: 03 Dec 2022, 11:16
by Ford Prefect
DipTrace Version
I've come across a couple of problems that I cannot seem to work out and which maybe related.

1. I created my own library and created a certain component (a capacitor) using the Pattern and Component editors.

2. I then created a circuit in the Schematic application, then created a PCB on the PCB Layout application.

After I had finished both the schematic and PCB design I decided I wanted to slightly alter the shape and size of the pads on the component that I created in 1 above. So I opened up the pattern and component editor applications and changed the pads on the component, everything was fine.

I then went back into the schematic design and deleted the component and also in the PCB layout applications I deleted the component.
I then added the new redesigned component into the schematic design application and also in the PCB layout application...however as I pull over the component from the choose component area on the left I can see the newly created pads but when I drop the component onto the circuit the pads change to the original shape.
Why is the component appearing on the schematic and PCB layout with the original pads?

If I go into the Library setup and create new group libraries, for components or patterns or components and patterns, why can I not delete the one that I have created as the Delete button is greyed out (2)?

See picture below.
I set up some new group libraries using the 'Add' button to create the group libraries (1) where the purple asterisks * are shown but I cannot now delete them using the 'Delete' button as the Delete button is greyed out (2)
....... Thanks



Re: Deleting Library Groups - Delete button greyed out

Posted: 07 Dec 2022, 07:05
by Alex
Please read my reply on the first problem here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14998

In regards to the library setup, there should be User Components and User Patterns instead blank names there. They are predefined library groups and can't be deleted. Therefore the delete button is grey.
I would suggest to restore original names of the groups if you renamed them by accident.

Re: Deleting Library Groups - Delete button greyed out

Posted: 11 Dec 2022, 12:07
by Ford Prefect
As regards the library setup. If you press the Add button it creates a new group. But this it seems cannot be deleted after it is created using the Purple 'Delete' button.
I have renamed the 2 blank entries as Mark's Components and Mark's Patterns (as in 1) and pointed to the libraries called Mark's library (which can be deleted (using the Green 'Delete' button) I have created (as in 2)
Please try adding to the Groups to see if it's possible to delete them using the Purple button .. because I cannot.

Screenshot 2022-12-11 173550.jpg
Screenshot 2022-12-11 173627.jpg