Cannot find pattern of downloaded components

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Markus S.
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Cannot find pattern of downloaded components

#1 Post by Markus S. » 28 Feb 2021, 12:15

I would like to attach a 3D-Model to a pattern I downloaded (using LibraraLoader and Importing the .asc file).
I then need to attach a 3d-model to the pattern. From the component editor, I go to [Pattern..] and search for the name
of the pattern. Ther is no match! But somewhere the pattern must be, as it is attached to the component newly downloaded.
Where are the patterns stored??

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Re: Cannot find pattern of downloaded components

#2 Post by MPman859 » 06 Apr 2021, 02:03

I ran into a similar situation. If I remember correctly, I downloaded the pattern separately, attached the 3D model, and then attached it to the component.

There needs to be a method to extract the pattern from the component for situations like this. As of now, there is no other way other than what I did.

Edit: There seems to be a way...
KevinA wrote:
01 Mar 2021, 21:39
Been there:
Open pattern editor and click Pattern/Insert from another Library - Select the component library that has the Component with the pattern, import it, add the 3D to the pattern, save it and in component editor update the component pattern.

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