Standard Component Packages & sizes

Making your own components and patterns, organizing and using libraries.
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Standard Component Packages & sizes

#1 Post by mkubiak402 » 16 Feb 2021, 10:32

I'm real green and new at this I just did my first summation a few days ago to have some small PCB's made for an adaptor to convert the singles from an Icom tuner to a yaesu ft-891 with an Arduino nano.. I had to have a friend fix it because I am having a hard time with the copoint library there is just way to much and would be nice if I can just sort by component package. its hard to just ask my friend to show me every thing as time is limited. like for instance i am laying things out and I need a transistor and its just a TO-92 and a standard 1/4w resistor it can take me like 30 mins to just fined some thing suitable and after that the drive is just not there to continue.
Transistor - TO-92 /TO-220, EBC BEC ect,
Resistor - 1/8w 1/4w 1/2w ect
copastor - lead spacing + diameter
Dip packages 8 pin 14 pin ect.

i am just in this for the hobby and the big thing that is holding me back is just finding the pattern. If any one has made a stranded library this would make this less frustrating that would be cool.

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Re: Standard Component Packages & sizes

#2 Post by Alex » 24 Feb 2021, 03:56

Scroll down the list of pattern libraries. There are ( in version 4.1):
TO-92 and TO-220 libraries with different variants of the patterns
Res Axial library
Cap Electrolytic Radial library
Dip Pitch 2.54mm library
Please notice, pattern names encode all pattern sizes.

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