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Library,Component,schematic symbol and footprint insanity

Posted: 14 Nov 2020, 15:35
by Perero
I really don't know how to to tell how frustrated i am after a couple of hours of insanity becouse the handling of 'components' i have been working as a consultant for decads and worked with eedesigner and cadint for years, been part of development in cadint years ago and worked daily with cadint.
But that was 10 years ago, and have not worked with electronics until now...and decided once again check the market, short description but diptrace won BIG becouse of all reviews of simple and great it is..but here is my point of view in library, and component handling.
Schematic symbols should be created directly on the fly in schematic save the symbol by selecting youre 'new' symbol and give the schematic symbol a name...always in a user library.
Same here....create new footprint directly in the pcb editor and save the footprint, you can use the footprint directly in pcd editor for very simple pcb designs..
This is the mot importent and trickiest part but the same time the example is a simple resistor the size of the resistor is importent not the value, 1-999MOhm has the same footprint and schematic symbol...only the value is different, but don't want to search thru thousen of parts to find my simpel resistor.
And if you work as a designer and not a engineer you don't know the different of all components but you know how the symbol and footprint looks like (and the pinout)
This is the most importent part in diptrace becouse it takes sooo long time to create something you should find easy, if i still have work with pcd design today ALL my time would be spend on solving this in easiest possible way and barainstorm with other designers and users but always have simplicity in mind and as a demand.

That was all the negative parts i have...otherwise i REALLY enjoy diptrace becouse it is easy to use and logic in many ways, no one is perfect but you really are on the right way.