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Importing from

Posted: 20 Aug 2020, 11:36
by frank2644
I downloaded two components from Then in Diptrace I select: import, diptrace ascii, imported_file.asc. I get file format incorrect on both downloads.

I am a new Diptrace user and I have been able to use Diptrace pretty easily, but I must admit adding components to libraries seems like a confusing topic.

I use V4.0.0.5

The component I need are nodemcu,that is the development board for the esp8266 wifi module.

Any help on where to get component definitions is appreciated.


Re: Importing from

Posted: 30 Oct 2020, 07:39
by Serg
Be sure the file format is DipTrace ASCII. The same extension can be in another files.
Send a file to our technical support:
support at

Re: Importing from

Posted: 25 Jan 2021, 17:04
by slug13
I have the same problem.
How can I check if the format is DipTrace ASCII ?

Re: Importing from

Posted: 27 Jan 2021, 04:46
by Alex
You can open the file in any text editor and read the first line. If it is DipTrace ASCII file it should contain (Source "DipTrace-ElementLibrary") line.

Re: Importing from

Posted: 13 May 2021, 09:53
by bugmenot
Just import Eagle versions. It always works for me.