A simple User Library

Making your own components and patterns, organizing and using libraries.
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A simple User Library

#1 Post by SteveW » 05 Oct 2019, 19:24

I have been out of board design for 15 years and wanted to get back in using DipTrace. After loading the program, etc. it seemed that the 140,000 components in the standard library was likely overkill for me and a HUGE waste of time just trying to find what I needed. Seems to be a common complaint about this package. I am hoping to convert some OLD tape on mylar designs from back in the 70's. I don't think I will need the schematic capture part of the program and my own component library is likely limited to about 4 dozen devices. Everything is through hole and will remain that way. Some of the standard library entries such as resistors are workable, but I have a handful of small boards that used tighter spacing here and there for some components.

So I have read through the manual, studied the tutorial and read the forums. I USED to be a smart guy, but this program has the most convoluted way of handling libraries. And it is making me feel REALLY stupid. Why does it need to be so difficult to create a user library (empty) and then go to the existing libraries and pull out just a handful of components here and there and transfer them to my new user file? For those components that need slight mods, it SHOULD be a simple task to open the one component/pattern, modify and resave under a new name. But I cannot even get full library sections (like DIODES) to copy over to where I could delete all but the 2 that I need.

Is there a simple step by step somewhere that I am overlooking that would get this user library created the way I want?

Quite frustrated.

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Re: A simple User Library

#2 Post by Alex » 07 Oct 2019, 08:53

Hello Steve,
You want to open an component or pattern, modify it and save under new name but it doesn't work in DipTrace that way. You should do steps in different order. Just open destination library, insert component/pattern from different library (or duplicate existing item from current library), rename the copy and modify it. When you finish, just save the library (not save as with new name). All things are simple when you get accustomed to them.

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Re: A simple User Library

#3 Post by Tomg » 07 Oct 2019, 09:24

You can either "pull" copies into a custom library as Alex explained, or you can "push" copies from a source library. Here is a detailed procedure describing the "push" method...

1) In the Pattern Editor choose the Patterns library group (left side of screen) and select/highlight the desired source library to display its patterns list.
2) In the patterns list select/highlight all of the patterns you wish to copy. (To select individual patterns interspersed throughout the list, hold down the [Ctrl] key and left-click away. To select a continuous group of patterns instead, left-click on the first/top-most desired pattern and then hold down the [Shift] key while left-clicking on the last/lowest desired pattern. You can also left-drag your mouse cursor down through the list to select/highlight a continuous group of patterns. The [Shift] and [Ctrl] keys can be used with the drag method if you so desire.)
3) With your selection(s) highlighted, click on the Pattern Tools panel and select "Copy Patterns to Another Library..." in the fly-out menu to bring up the Copy Patterns to Another Library dialog window.
4) In the Copy Patterns to Another Library dialog window, choose the User Patterns library group using the drop-list and then select/highlight the destination library.
5) Click on the [OK] button to copy your selection(s) into the destination library. You should see a message pop up confirming the copying of the selected pattern(s). Click on OK to close it. The copied patterns will be found appended to the bottom of the destination library where you can modify them. Don't forget to resave the custom library if you make any modifications.

If you ever need to create a schematic, you will also have to copy the related components to the desired User Components library (similar procedure using the Component Editor) and then attach the newly-copied/modified patterns to them.

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