Tieing a compaonent to a hat

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Tieing a compaonent to a hat

#1 Post by secs » 27 Aug 2019, 00:37

Hi all.

After many years not doing too much have just gotten back into electronics and diptrace. Have been using another program for a while.

Now I am not sure how to explain what I want so lets just give it a go and see if my wording makes sense.

I would like to tie a part schematic representation to a patten that contains a board as wll.

What I mean is I have a template for a RPI hat with mounting holes and 4 pin connector with a bit of extra PCB on one side. Can I tie this to the schematic so when I select that 40 pin component it uses that board, mounting holes pcb in the PCB layout?

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Re: Tieing a compaonent to a hat

#2 Post by dudemanbroguy » 06 Sep 2019, 21:52

One thing that you can do that will allow you to easily set up a re-usable schematic symbol to represent your board is as follows:

1.) In the pattern editor create a pattern that includes all the pads, mounting holes, and silkscreen in the positions that are in your template. Also add the outline off the hat in the "Board Cutout" layer. You can use the rectangle tool or get fancy with the other tools, whatever you want as your board outline in the pcb editor should be in the "Board Cutout" Layer. Below is a picture of a real quick mockup to show what I mean.
pattern example rpi1.png
Once you are happy with the pattern save it and create a schematic symbol for the rpi connector on your new hat template pattern. Assign the pattern to the symbol and save it.

Do all the schematic design and when you convert it to a pcb you will see your pattern template in the pcb editor. Unfortunatly, even though you will see your hat outline in the "Board Outline" layer it will not be treated as a true board outline so any of the auto placement or arranging tools will not work right. Even though diptrace treats it slightly differently the board outline will still show up in the Outline gerber layer when you export your gerber data.
bad board outline.gif
To get it to work properly with these tools you can right click on the component and ungroup it. Your pad numbers will vanish but the ratlines will still exist. After ungrouping you can right click your outline and get the coordinate points and copy and paste them into the board points. Just make sure to lock or group everything in the pattern after ungrouping or your mounting holes and connector will be able to move independently from each other.

If you want to go even one step further you could add a 3d model of the rpi to the pattern underneath it so that whenever you did a 3d preview of the board you would see if sitting on top of the rpi.

If you need any clarification let me know. I hope this helps
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