Capacitive Touch pad Component

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Capacitive Touch pad Component

#1 Post by ReverseEMF » 06 Feb 2019, 15:58

I'm trying to do a Capacitive Touch Pad component. I want it to be a component, so it's intrinsically defined. In other words, so it stands alone as a preformed "part", with a schematic symbol that has one pin, that is electrically connected to a copper region that serves as the Capacitive Touch Region. This schematic symbol could, then, be used in a schematic capture that, when converted to a PCB, asserts the preformed presence of a Touch Pad, without any further definition. The Touch Pad would own a ratline that can be routed to.

I've tried the following ways to create a 1cm x 1cm Touch Pad -- each failing due to DRC errors:
  1. A 1cm x 1cm pad, associated with the one pin on a schematic symbol [rendered as a filled square].
  2. A pattern composed of a 1cm x 1cm filled rectangle on the Signal Layer, with an SMD 1mm x 1.1mm pad that slightly overlaps the rectangle [and, again, that pattern is associated with a schematic symbol that has one pin].
I resorted to creating a component called "Touch Pad DIY" ["DIY" = "Do It Yourself"], with a note to use a copper pour to create the actual pad [and then, of course, associate the pour, with the Touch Pad net] -- but that sticks in my "purist craw" :P

If only there was something like a "preemptive pour".

Anybody have any ideas?
If left to evolution, would this PCB ever design itself, and what would the lead time be on that?

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Re: Capacitive Touch pad Component

#2 Post by Serg » 08 Feb 2019, 05:29

Try to create the pattern that will be content two pads instead one pad.
These pads will be touch a lettle to each other.
In Component Editor, create the inner wire between two pads (just left click on first pad - moving - left click on second pad).
After that you will have the net in PCB Layout.

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