pattern for multiple connectors on one module

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pattern for multiple connectors on one module

#1 Post by rpcy » 14 May 2018, 01:04

I have a module that has two 2x20 pin arrays sticking down from it. I'd like to plug that module into a board that I am designing with DipTrace. In the Pattern Editor, I have a suitable 2x20 pattern, with pin numberings just the way I want them (the 2x20 field is vertically aligned on my screen, with pin 1 at upper left, and pin 2 at upper right.) I then copied that array and placed it 1.9" away, just as the module is configured. The trouble is, when I try to save my new pattern, I get an error message that says every pin has been duplicated and that this may cause problems when I create a component that uses this pattern.

Ok, I sorta see that. And I could avoid it if I renumber all 40 pins of the 2x20 header so as not to reuse any numbers from the first one. But I'd like to keep the numbering just as the module manufacturer created it -- they used P2 for one header and P1 for the other one. DipTrace doesn't let me number pads like "P1-7" though.

What is the "DipTrace" way of handling this? Thanks for any help.

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Re: pattern for multiple connectors on one module

#2 Post by danielb987 » 14 May 2018, 06:12

When you design your component, you can connect component pin X to pad Y, even if they have different names. And in the component editor, you can give a pin a name with letters.

So design the pads with number 1 - 40 and give the pins in the component editor the names you want. And then connect the pins to the pads in the component editor.

Try to create a small component with only two or three pins first to try it out.

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