QFN 56 7x7 0.4mm paste layer is wrong

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QFN 56 7x7 0.4mm paste layer is wrong

#1 Post by MarianIonascu » 02 Feb 2018, 14:16

Hello all,

I am working with Diptrace for quite a while but because my knowledge about PCB manufacturing process is low I run in some issues with the paste layer. I want to produce a board in a new factory and they seem to not see the pads of a QFN 7x7 0.4mm pitch with the exception of the exposed pad. I believe the size of the pad of 0.2x0.85 could be the problem but I am not sure. I also am unable to see the pins in an online Gerber explorer http://www.gerber-viewer.com/ even if in Diptrace preview everything is fine. In that online tool if you hit the button Toggle Drawmode twice it will show some pins but not quite what the factory requires. What should I do? Is the width of the pins the problem? Should I increase the width?(I think then I will have problems with minimum spacing etc?)

Thanks in advance!

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