Creating my own component library

Making your own components and patterns, organizing and using libraries.
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Creating my own component library

#1 Post by Veloxy » 25 Nov 2017, 09:54


I am currently working on a my first pcb, and I thought the best way to start is to locate all the components I need and add them all to one custom library.

For each component, I start by using 'RS component search' to find the appropriate component, then by using Library Loader V2.17 it automatically zips all the components into 1 folder.

Now here is where it gets very complicated with DipTrace compared to Design Spark. With DS the component I download from 'RS component search' is instantly imported, but with DipTrace I have to go a lengthy process with first using Pattern Editor, creating temporary libraries, moving the component to another library, remove the temporary file, all just to avoid duplicated libraries. The same goes for Component Editor. ... 24&p=21971 - Here is the process I go through, times 2. Once for Pattern Editor and once for Component editor.

Adding 1 new component takes like forever. So before I begin adding all my 30 components, is there any better way of doing this? Like Really???????? I am sorry, I am just trying to keep my head up. First time learning DipTrace and I really want to give it a good try but I feel like I keep spending way to much time making small progress. And no, the component I use are not found in stock DipTrace library...

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Re: Creating my own component library

#2 Post by Alex » 27 Nov 2017, 10:26

If you have many libraries with one pattern in each library you can do the following. Open library setup, create custom library group and add library folder to the group. Start PCB Layout, select library group, select each library and drag its pattern from library to design area. When you complete you can save design cache as a library. That is all. You can remove all libraries except design cache library as it consists of all patterns.
You can do the same with component libraries, the only difference you should save design cache from Schematic.

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