Library structure for git

Making your own components and patterns, organizing and using libraries.
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Library structure for git

#1 Post by KevinA » 07 Nov 2017, 16:58

In the last upgrade I discovered the ability to use folders not libraries so now life is simple;
Past libraries or not active libraries go into a folder and the Group Other Libraries is mapped to that folder.
The Read Only C:\Program Files\DipTrace\Lib make life bearable; I KNOW I can get the original from Pattern or Component.
When I start on a project like Acme:
In the acme folder:
lib folder for Component and Pattern libraries for this project. Group Active is mapped to C:\diptrace\project\acme\lib All libraries are named acme_com.eli and acme_pat.lib since there will be acme_com.asc and acme_pat.asc for git.

pdf folder for all PDF files for the parts in this project
3d folder for all 3d images for the parts in this project
doc folder for all documentation including contracts, BOM and recites
gerber folder for Gerber files

During setup I copy the patterns and components needed into the project libraries and modify them. While modifying the component parts I open the PDF file and save to the project PDF folder then change the link in the component to point to the project, with the pattern modification I copy the 3d into the project 3d folder and change the link to the 3d in the pattern.

The net result is a standalone project with no ties to my local hard disk ie: C:\Users\Kevin\Documents\DipTrace
for git it looks like:

lib folder acme_com.asc and acme_pat.asc

I still have to test this on my linux install ...

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Re: Library structure for git

#2 Post by thompcd » 10 Nov 2017, 19:23

Hi Kevin, thanks for the great post! I just started using DipTrace yesterday, coming from OrCAD and Altium. I'm also pretty new to GIT.

Are these .asc files part of the GIT tool you're using, where do they come from/how are they generated?
Using GIT from the command line and pushing to VSTS, I see nothing additional but the .git folder.

But nonetheless, works great for me on Win 10!

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Re: Library structure for git

#3 Post by KevinA » 10 Nov 2017, 23:40

The .asc files are the exported component, pattern, pcb and schematic from your project. Get for a GUI git. Basicly, log into github and create a new project. Clone that empty project to your hard drive, add the .asc files and support files to that local project then push them to your github with the GUI. I don't send the binary files from DipTrace, only the .asc files, pdf, 3d images, and documentation. That way others can import, work, export then merge back to your github account. Others should fork a copy not clone.
There is a lot of reading and learning to operate git, it's simple yet complex.

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