New Library issue

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New Library issue

#1 Post by KevinA » 26 Aug 2017, 12:46

In PCB editor I want to save headers pins as a pattern, I select the pins for the header, click Group into Component (Component? It is a pattern) and then I select that new pattern and click Save to Library which says Save to File and here is my problem:
I can't save a pattern to a library, I have to create new libraries for each and every pattern! When I'm done I can open each library and move the pattern to my main library but that's a lot of work, why can't I save a pattern to an existing library?

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Re: New Library issue

#2 Post by Tomg » 27 Aug 2017, 06:45

After grouping into a component you must select the User Patterns library group in the Place Component panel (left side of screen) and then select/highlight one of the libraries in its list as the destination library before attempting to save the newly-created component's pattern. See this thread for more detail -

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Re: New Library issue

#3 Post by RushPCB.Com » 25 Oct 2017, 04:48

Thank you Tom, very useful guideline you have shared. Many users faces the same issue.
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