First Diptrace design advice

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First Diptrace design advice

#1 Post by clinthulk2 » 14 Apr 2020, 09:48

Hello everyone!

I put together a PCB design for a project I have but I have a few concerns with my layout design. I tried posting in the DipTrace forums last week but my account is still in limbo awaiting moderator approval and I really need to order this PCB ASAP.

1) J3 and J4 designators are hanging off the board. Is there a way to move the designators below the connector?

2) On the bottom panel, it seems to think that two signals aren't connected to the grounds (which is odd, because it shows my schematic matching up with my layout). Is this just a bug or should I be concerned? I mean, worst comes to worst, I can always cut/jumper signals but I'd really like to avoid that if at all possible

3) I'm using 0.01" traces for signal lines (low current) and 0.015" traces for higher current lines (about 250 mA). According to ExpressPCB guidelines, this should be plenty. Does this sound doable or should I use something else?

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Re: First Diptrace design advice

#2 Post by fi2eewill » 17 Apr 2020, 23:24

hi clinthulk2 welcome to DipTrace
1) Press F10 and then move refdes where they need to be, press F10 again to exit this mode
2) compare schematic to layout will only tell you if the nets are matching, to check if all nets have been routed you need to run Net Connectivity check.
note, if you have copper pours, update those first before you run connectivity check

3) yes, they are fine in most cases, you need to be mindful of other factors that impact trace width. Online calculator are good tools,

good luck!

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