Pad size

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Pad size

#1 Post by allenpitts » 01 Apr 2020, 17:06

Hello DipTracer forum,

Have searched the tutorials and this forum for hours.
This is such an easy question can't believe it is not touched on
in the tutorials or a question answered in the forum.

Anyway, just got PCBs back from manufacturer OshPark.
They turned out great. The copper around drill holes on the top and bottom
are the same, very small. About a millimeter. Its enough
to solder to but would be nice if it was bigger.

How to increase of the copper ring around the drill hole
on the bottom of the PCB?


Allen in Dallas

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Re: Pad size

#2 Post by Tomg » 01 Apr 2020, 18:16

Here's the current workaround for creating a through-hole pad with different size rings in the PCB Layout editor...
1) Place an SMD pad of the needed shape/size on the bottom side of the PCB a small distance away from the target through-hole pad.
2) Draw a ratline connecting the newly-placed SMD pad to the target through-hole pad. (The ratline will connect both pads to the same net and eliminate some DRC errors.)
3) Move the SMD pad to center it over the target through-hole pad.
You should be able to see the results of your handywork using the 3D Preview tool.

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