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Importing Gerber files with negative layers

Posted: 27 Mar 2020, 20:53
by vlad1004
I need to modify Gerber files. I just found DipTrace. I tried the free version and it worked great except for the following issue. Some Gerber files define negative layers. For example, I have three "top copper" layers. By looks, one of them is a copper plane. The other is negative relative to this plane to create areas free of copper. The 3rd appears to be a solder paste layer. I verified this functionality of the layers in a different Gerber viewer, that doesn't have editing capabilities. Unfortunately, the Gerber import tool in DipTrace doesn't provide a choice for a negative layer. If I port the copper layer and the negative layer as "top", they get merged. I really like the editing abilities of DipTrace, but am stuck at the layer import step. Could someone help me to solve this issue.

Re: Importing Gerber files with negative layers

Posted: 30 Mar 2020, 14:32
by Alex
DipTrace doesn't support multi-layer gerber files with negative layer. We will consider improving Gerber import in future but it is not easy to integrate negative layers in DipTrace.