Modify a pcb from a dxf import?

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Modify a pcb from a dxf import?

#1 Post by iamjohngalt » 01 Feb 2020, 18:03

I have not used any CAD tool for building a pcb. This is my first time using diptrace.

I have gerbers (zipped) and a dxf for a working pcb.
I do not have a CAD file for this board.
I want to make some relatively simple changes to the pcb:
Extend 3 ground traces to connect to existing pads, enlarge 3 holes a small amount, change (add) some text labels on the silkscreen layer, add 2 holes in existing pads, add a short trace, 3 pads for capacitor, remove a small part of the ground grid on top layer and bottom layer.
I would also like to be able to enlarge the pcb (on the left and upper sides) and add a trace along the edges if possible (but I can live without this if it's very difficult.)

The dxf appears to be read correctly by diptrace with the following layers/files:
(1)bottom mask gerber,(2) Fab gerber (tool chart with hole sizes, pcb outline and dimensions), (3) layer 1(top) gerber,(4) layer 2(bottom) gerber,(5) top mask, (6)ncdrill, and (7) 0 (apparently blank) layer.
I am not certain which of diptrace's "convert to" types to use for these files: Fab gerber, ncdrill.drl, blank.

Can this be done without having to do the entire board from scratch?
I know the board works very well as it is and none of the changes modify existing electronic connections.
I do NOT want to re-route any of the traces or move any of the parts.
The existing pcb has about 150 connections and none are imported but I don't need to modify any of them.

I would appreciate assistance on how to accomplish this task and links to any documentation that would help me.

Thanks in advance.


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