Change color in layer

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Change color in layer

#1 Post by allenpitts » 15 Apr 2018, 16:33

Hello Dip Trace forum,

Have finished a four-level board. Need to print it so can scan the print into a gif for a
pictorial. The top layer is yellow which did not print well so was going to change
it to purple or red so it would have more value and print better.

So in the Layers Object Properties menu on the right, with only the top
layer checked, the color square between the blue check mark and the label 'Top'
is clicked. This causes the Color dialogue box with sections Basic Colors and
and Custom Colors to appear. The purple color box is clicked and the OK button hit.
This causes seven of the ten traces in the layer to go from yellow to purple.

But three of the trace in that layer stay yellow.

Have tried changing values in the Objects and Properties
tabs with no luck. Tried The layer drop down between Design Rules...
and Define Differential Pairs... No joy. Also looked at
The Current Only drop down next to the Contrast icon on the
Layers tab. No help.

When the colors are changed in the Inner 1, the inner2, and
the bottom layers all the traces are affected. But when the
Top layer is changed only some of the traces change to the new
color and three of traces stay the same yellow.

What am I doing wrong?


Allen in Dallas

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Re: Change color in layer

#2 Post by Tomg » 15 Apr 2018, 20:14

Right-click on one of the offending traces, choose "Trace Color" in the pop-up menu and make sure "By Layers" is selected in the fly-out menu.

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Re: Change color in layer

#3 Post by rr1024 » 06 Feb 2020, 12:10

Ok, why do we have to select a color trace by trace rather than by layer, that is just silly especially if there are 1000 traces popping back and forth across multiple layers
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Re: Change color in layer

#4 Post by fi2eewill » 26 Mar 2020, 00:40

Selecting traces by layer can be done in few mouse clicks...

Edit Menu > Edit Selection > A new menu pops up

Action: [ New Selection_________v]
[v] Traces [ All___________v] [All Layers________v]

1st drop down menu allows to select Traces by Net Class
2nd drop down menu allows to select Traces by Layer

Hit OK, traces will highlighted for the selected Net Class and Layer of interest

The important part here is to Right click on any highlighted Trace, a menu pops up > move mouse Trace Color > By layers

NOTE: this will cause any custom color traces to match default layer color. This does not apply to copper pour without a trace on the selected layer. The hack around is to add a small trace the copper pour color will also change

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